Not Sure If This Is The Worst Onside Kick Of All Time Or The Best Onside Kick Of All Time (Video)


Onside kicks are not easy to pull off. If the kicker strikes the ball perfectly, sending it 20 yards into the air and exactly 10 yards forward, there’s still just a 50% chance his team will come down with the ball. If the kicker doesn’t strike the ball perfectly, you’re pretty much screwed…unless he strikes it so imperfectly that it’s actually perfect.

Just take a look at this onside kick from a high school game between Kelly Catholic and Kountze High last Friday in Beaumont, Texas. The Kelly Catholic kicker totally botched it. But he botched it in the best possible way, kicking a laser beam straight at a kid on the other team so that it hit him in the helmet and bounced right back to a Kelly Catholic player.

See for yourself:

Obviously that is not how Catholic Kelly drew the play up. But I still wouldn’t mind seeing an NFL team try it.

Unfortunately for Kelly Catholic, this fortuitous bounce didn’t help them very much in the grand scheme of things. Kountze High came away with a 34-7 win.

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports]

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