Tim Couch Appears in Bud Light Commercial Mocking Cleveland’s QB Problems (Video)


It might not be the Super Bowl, but folks are getting pretty excited about the start of the NFL season.  So it’s no surprise that marketing giants like Bud Light are putting together campaigns that revolve around the start of the season. This one features a goofy product called the “Kickoff Can,” and while that’s not very interesting, the campaign around it is pretty funny.

They got former Browns QB Tim Couch to sit in and poke fun at his former franchise’s inability to find a decent QB in about 20 years.

Here it is:

Any commercial that offers up Bo Jackson playing as himself in Tecmo Bowl has my seal of approval.

Tim Couch is looking good these days, btw. Maybe he could try out and get himself a baseball contract or something. It’s seems to be all the rage these days for former QBs.

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