Woman Says She Lied About Former Auburn RB Jovon Robinson Assaulting Her

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Last month, Coach Gus Malzahn dismissed top running back Jovon Robinson from the team for repeatedly missing classes and meetings and for his “continued inattention to detail in everything.” He was also dismissed due to a claim from a woman who stated she was physically assaulted by him.

“He did not meet my standards or expectations of what it takes to be an Auburn Tiger football player,” Malzahn said by in August. “We’re going to have zero distractions on this team this year. I’ve given him his release, and we wish him the best.”

Fast forward to September and the unnamed woman who claimed Robinson physically assaulted her by smashing her head in a door, causing injuries to her knees, shoulder and face, has recanted her story completely, stating none of it was true.

“The accuser, who is a student at Auburn, told AL.com she was coming forward to “clear the air” about what happened between her and Robinson, who she characterized as a friend.

“I was upset with him because he didn’t want me in his room,” the accuser told AL.com. “We were just arguing.”

She also provided AL.com with two voicemails left on her cell phone by Auburn’s Title IX coordinator, Kelley Taylor, including one from the day she initially emailed Malzahn to report the alleged incident.

The accuser first emailed Malzahn at 5:56 a.m. on July 16 and claimed that at approximately 3 a.m. that morning she and Robinson “had a disagreement that turned physical.”

According to the accuser’s email, the disagreement between her and Robinson began when he “unintentionally broke my necklace, but proceeded to laugh about it and not apologize.”

After requesting to be brought back to her dorm, to which she said Robinson refused, the young woman watched TV with Robinson in his room, she wrote in the email to Malzahn.

“After about (five) minutes, without being provoked in any way, he frantically gets up and shoves me out the door, not giving me a chance to gather my things before doing so (phone and keys),” the accuser wrote to Malzahn. “In the process to physically throw me out, Jovon managed to smash my head in the door and skin both of my knees on the hallway carpet. I now have two bloody knees, a bruised shoulder, and a knot above my eye.

“Although I have every reason to, I chose to not get the law involved; as I know how nasty things could get; especially for someone in his position. Therefore, I am trying to keep the situation as private as possible. With this being the second or third time an incident of this sort has happened with him, I believe that it is time he be held responsible for the way he has been acting toward not just me, but women in general. Although were [sic] are very close, as I said before, I will make sure to stay away from and not contact him.”

As to the accusation of prior incidents with Robinson, the accuser told AL.com, “(I) never reported anything else to anyone. … It was all made up. Nothing happened.””

These false claims won’t stop until police start charging these women with something. Anything.

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