Brandon Marshall Talks About His Own Experience With Racist Cops When Discussing Anthem Protest


Though Colin Kaepernick has caused quite the uproar over his taking a knee during the National Anthem, he’s gotten support from several other players in several other sports, including, most recently, Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos, who drew from more personal experiences when joining Kaepernick in refusing to stand during the National Anthem.

In last night’s season kickoff game against the Panthers, Marshall took a knee during the performance of the Star Spangled Banner. He got as much hate on social media as one would expect, but when explaining his stance to MMQB, he offered up this story detailing his own personal experience with the police and racial inequality:

This summer, Marshall said he was dining with friends at a restaurant within Miami’s Bayside Marketplace, an enclave of restaurants and stores near downtown. Diners heard gunshots outside and ducked under tables out of fear. Police entered the restaurant minutes later and asked patrons to leave.

“I start walking to the exit I know,” Marshall says. “And there’s a lady in street clothes telling me to go a certain way, but I went my way. She starts yelling, Stop him! I’m walking and the police come, and I turn around and about five of them rush me. They grab me and they’re trying to wrestle me and take me to the ground. I’m standing my ground because I didn’t do anything; not fighting, but not laying down.

“A cop pulls his Taser out, they push me up against the wall and they handcuff me and they were going to take me in for resisting arrest but they eventually let me go. So they’re looking for a suspect, and some lady yells at me, and that’s enough to tackle me?”

He received a congratulatory text from Kaepernick after the game, but had yet to speak with him prior to the interview.

He goes into depth into his motivations, how he came to the decision, and what he’s thinking about doing in the fallout of his actions. The whole thing’s worth a read right here.

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