Panthers Not Happy About Broncos’ Helmet-to-Helmet Hits on Cam Newton (Video)


One game into the NFL season and the brain health issue has already reared its ugly head.

During Thursday night’s season opener, Panthers QB Cam Newton was the victim of multiple helmet-to-helmet hits. How many is multiple? According to Fox Sports’ Chris Chase, the guy had his brain scrambled a whopping five times. However, only one of those helmet-to-helmet hits—an absolutely vicious shot from Darian Stewart with less than a minute left in the game—was flagged:

Of course, the penalty flag on Darian Stewart was offset by an intentional grounding flag on Cam Newton, because bashing a guy’s head in and not throwing the football quite far enough are pretty much the same thing. So the Panthers didn’t even get a first down out of the situation.

After the game, Cam Newton was extremely diplomatic about the situation, all things considered.

“It’s not my job to question the officials,” Newton told reporters. “I really like this officiating crew, so it wasn’t something I know they did intentionally, but it’s not fun getting hit in the head.”

Some of Cam’s teammates expressed a little more frustration that the number one player in the league can’t seem to get calls.

Greg Olsen was one of them:

Of course, Olsen should probably also be concerned that his team’s medical staff didn’t put Cam Newton through the concussion protocol. Even after the hit by Stewart, there was never any question that Newton wasn’t going to finish the game. And that’s pretty messed up.

Should be another interesting season.

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports]

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