Johnny Manziel Waves Goodbye to Sobriety as He Pounds Drinks at an Austin Bar (Video)


Back in June, Manziel swore off alcohol and said he was getting clean while living in LA. Then, he surprised everyone by enrolling in classes at Texas A&M.

Now, he surprised NO ONE by getting photographed at an Austin bar throwing back drinks.

The week before that, he was seen in Miami partying with Future. I wonder how his grades are going…

Here’s the video:

It’s not terribly (or at all) surprising, but it’s still disappointing that he can’t manage to get himself clean. As unlikely as it is, he still has a CHANCE at an NFL career, but every time he gets caught doing stuff like this, that chance seems smaller and smaller.

If he can’t turn himself around…for good…in the next year or so, that chance will almost certainly disappear.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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