Adam Jones Says MLB’s Lack of Support for Kaepernick: ‘Baseball Is A White Man’s Sport’

Baltimore Orioles v Tampa Bay Rays

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has at least gotten a conversation started about his protest of the National Anthem and why he refuses to stand for it now or in the future. Many athletes from different sports have spoken out or at least joined him in the protest, except those in Major League Baseball.

That was until Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones spoke with USA Today’s Bob Nightengale. When asked why nobody in the baseball world has spoken up or supported Colin Kaepernick, Jones had this to say.

“We already have two strikes against us already so you might as well not kick yourself out of the game … in football, you can’t kick them out. You need those players. In baseball, they don’t need us.”

And then he dropped this bombshell:

“Baseball is a white man’s sport.”

While that quote was straight to the point and in your face, the numbers clearly don’t lie and do support his claims — as African-Americans currently represent 68 percent of NFL’s players and about 74 percent in the NBA, but only about 8 percent in MLB.

“Is Kaepernick hurting me? No. Is he hurting random people out there? No. I support his decision. At the end of the day, if you don’t respect his freedoms, then why the hell are we Americans? It’s supposed to be the Land of the Free, right?

“It’s crazy how when people of color speak up, we’re always ridiculed … But when people that are not of color speak up, it’s their right.”

Then Jones was asked if an MLB player will soon replicate what Kaepernick has started in the NFL:

“No one has done it, yet … But that’s the key word here: Yet. We will see.”

I guess we will.

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