Bartender Fired Over Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams $0.75c Tip

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I will never understand why companies allow waiters and waitresses to broadcast receipts of people, especially famous people, when they don’t get a big enough tip. At least one restaurant wasn’t going to tolerate it and fired a bartender for a recent incident involving Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams.

According to TMZ, this entire ordeal started over Williams leaving a $0.75 tip.

“It all started when the bartender at the restaurant went to Facebook and wrote:

“Just now at work I had Deangelo Williams come in and I waited on while tending bar. His check was $128.25. He left me $129 with no tip but .75 cents. So there you go Steelers fans, your running back is cheap as s**t!!! Smh.”

Williams found out that he was being slandered on Facebook and told his side of the story.

““I tried to leave exact change but couldn’t,” Williams said … “I waited on my food for over 1.5 hours.”

(For the record, the waitress claims he was only there for 45 mins).

So, what was allegedly so bad?

For starters, “She never asked for refills,” Williams says.

But what really pissed him off — “I ordered chicken and shrimp in my pasta they put it on my salad.”

When he pointed out the mistake, “They took it back and removed it from salad and put It in my pasta leaving a shrimp tail in the salad.

Williams says “terrible service” means terrible tip.

“I use to wait tables and use to be a bag boy so I know what I’m doing here.””


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