Tom Brady Took to Facebook to Let Everyone Know He Watched the Pats Beat the Cards


The NFL might be able to suspend Tom Brady from playing football for a month, but they’ll never be able to suspend him from going on Facebook and sharing goofy memes and videos with his fans. Last night, he must have had a graphic designer working overtime, because he was quick to post this cartoon-y newspaper headline that shows the final score of the game while making a pretty golden “Angry Birds” reference.

What a dork.

Here’s the post, which is pretty damn funny, actually:

It’s nice to see that Brady isn’t flipping out about Jimmy Garoppolo shining last night. I assume that Brady’s job is safe.  But I think if we see the Pats go 3-0, we’ll start to see Brady sweat and perhaps start posting some pretty incriminating pics of Jimmy shoplifting or something to ensure that he’s got a job come October.

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