Peyton Manning Treats Golf Club Employees to Papa John’s and Budweiser for a Job Well Done (Tweet)


Last week, the BMW Championship was held at Crooked Stick golf club in Indianapolis, of which the newly-retired Peyton Manning was a member. Well, he must have liked how it went down, because he sent one of his handwritten personalized letters to the staff.

It’s not exactly clear WHAT he was thanking them for, but it seemed like maybe, as a fan and a member, he was very happy with how the course looked to outsiders.

I guess those are the sorts of things that country club members worry about.

Here’s the letter:

Yay! They’re gonna get some very cheap beer and cheap pizza! It’s better than nothing, but…I’m guessing that Peyton knew this would go viral and this was a schemed plan from the brands to begin with.

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