Spearfisher Fights Off Great White Shark, Captures Entire Thing on His GoPro (Video)


If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to go spearfishing, this video might just change your mind.

College student Tyler McQuillen, 22, had his GoPro camera mounted on his speargun during a recent spearfishing outing off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. However, instead of footage of himself catching dinner, McQuillen recorded footage of himself fending off a shark.

The video starts uneventfully as McQuillen swims along in the water. However, at the 1:25 mark the camera is jostled. Then you see the speargun sink to the ocean floor, and McQuillen’s bare foot kicking in the water.

McQuillen thought his friend had snuck up behind him as a joke. But it wasn’t his friend, and it wasn’t a joke. A 12-foot great white shark had just knocked the speargun from his hands and snatched the flipper off his foot.

In the video, you then see McQuillen retrieve his speargun and point it forward just in time to capture the shark’s second pass.

“The second time he came around, I thought I was finished,” he told ABC News.

The shark was still not finished. However, when it came back around a third time, McQuillen lunged forward and jabbed it with his spear. And that, apparently, was enough to scare the shark off.

The last three minutes of the harrowing video show McQuillen swimming for his life. The dude’s first words when he finally pops his head out of water and realizes he is safe? “I got it on video! Whooooo! F*cking gnarly!”

Take a look:

Hat Tip – [ABC News]

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