Victor Cruz Rips Josh Norman For Not Covering Antonio Brown, Calls Himself “The Best CB in The League”


After the best year of his career with the Carolina Panthers, cornerback Josh Norman signed with the Washington Redskins this past offseason for $75 million. Many training camp videos surfaced on the net of the so-called ‘Best CB on earth’ getting burnt by multiple Redskins WR’s, but it was quickly dismissed (but still noted).

On Monday, the world was waiting to see if Josh Norman could cover stud Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, but what we got was Bashaud Breeland covering Brown the majority of the night as Norman stayed on the right side of the field, away from him.

On Wednesday, some Giants players took shots at Norman for not taking the challenge and covering the league’s best wide receiver. 

“Especially if he calls himself – I don’t call him this, he calls himself – the best corner in the league, then you have to cover the best receivers on the other team,” Victor Cruz said Wednesday after practice. “Going in I thought he was going to follow AB all over the place but he didn’t so it is what it is. He made his choice.”

“It’s always his choice,” Cruz said. “He can go to the powers that be and say ‘Hey, I want to cover this guy.’ And if they say no, if maybe he did that and they said no, then I’ll have to eat my words. But for the most part you can go and make that request I’m sure.”

Cornerback Janoris Jenkins also weighed in:

“I think when you’re paying somebody $70 mil, there shouldn’t be no game plan,” Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins said. “The game plan should be: You’re on this guy. That’s what it is.”

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