Drake Brings Kevin Durant on Stage at Concert in Oakland and Calls Him His Brother (Video)


Kevin Durant made his first appearance at Oracle Arena in front of his new hometown fans on Tuesday night. But it wasn’t at a basketball event. It was a Drake concert.

The Toronto rapper may be a die-hard fan and paid employee of the Raptors, but he’s never hidden the fact that he’s a fan of pretty much any team or athlete if they’re good.

Over the last few years, Drake has become a pretty big fan of Durant. In 2014, Drake suggested Durant join the Raptors as a free agent during a Toronto concert, earning the Raptors a $25,000 tampering fine. More recently the two have become such good friends that Drake gave the former Thunder superstar a shoutout on Views track “Weston Road Flows.”

Unfortunately for Drake, Durant did not join his Raptors upon becoming a free agent. However, there obviously aren’t any hard feelings, because on Tuesday Drake invited the Durantula up on stage during the first of two shows in Oakland and called him his brother.

Take a look:

Awe, that’s so cute I almost forgot I am morally obligated to hate Kevin Durant for joining the Warriors.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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