ESPN Says in Court That JPP Gave Adam Schefter Permission to Post His Medical Records


Back in February of this year, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul sued ESPN’s Adam Schefter in a Florida court  for posting his private medical records online to millions of people after a fireworks accident left his hand disfigured. 

During the latest court appearance, ESPN called JPP’s lawsuit bogus because he gave Adam Schefter permission to post his medical records.

“Pierre-Paul blew off his finger and sought treatment at a local hospital. Schefter had “improperly obtained” Pierre-Paul’s medical chart and tweeted a picture of it to his 4 million followers, the NFL players’ lawyers said.

ESPN’s latest salvo in the court case says Pierre-Paul’s lawsuit is bogus — because he gave permission to Schefter to post his medical information.

Plaintiff consented to the publication alleged in the complaint,” ESPN said in court papers, without providing details.

The network also noted that Pierre-Paul let Sports Illustrated publish the images after ESPN did.

ESPN and Schefter had first tried to get Pierre-Paul’s suit tossed by citing First Amendment protections.

But the judge, Marcia Cooke, didn’t buy that argument.”


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