Yasiel Puig Hangs Out With Female After Knocking Her Tooth Out (Pics)


Yasiel Puig, who’s back with the Dodgers after a punitive stint in the minors for behavioral issues, had his heart in the right place when he tossed a ball to a fan at Dodger Stadium on Monday. Of course, that doesn’t mean it went perfectly.

The toss knocked out the spectator Alyssa Gerhart’s tooth. She recounts the story thusly to the NY Daily News:

“I saw it coming at me and I remember thinking, ‘I don’t have a glove to catch this ball. And I think I put my hands up in front of my face. I saw it was coming at me and registered that it was coming at me, and I felt it hit me. It wasn’t so much painful as it was shock. So I felt it hit me and I could feel immediately with my tongue there’s a hole. And I looked down at my hand and saw there’s a tooth in my hand.”

Here she is after the incident:

And here she is, having a laugh with Puig just a few days after the unfortunate incident:

I’m glad they’re both being cool about this!

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