IFL Owner Says Athletes Who Are Protesting Need to Get Off Their A** & Be a Leader At Home & in Neighborhoods


The owner of the Sioux Falls Storm of the Indoor Football League, Todd Tyron, was fed up when he decided to take to Facebook on Tuesday and address the many athletes who sit or kneel during the playing of the National Anthem, such as Colin Kaepernick, Arian Foster, & Brandon Marshall.

He told them that they need to take action and actually do something about oppression in this country.

“As I’ve sat back and watched this all unfold I’ve hesitated to comment until I fully understood the situation. I own a professional indoor football team and have been asked my perspective on standing and representing our flag vs sitting and protesting. My response to that is our players, coaches, cheerleaders and staff will have ONE choice and that is to stand and respect our flag! Some of these owners need to update their employee handbook and it needs to say YOU WILL NOT PROTEST UNDER MY WATCH! I’ve never seen anybody make a difference sitting down.. As a matter of fact, if we had more people getting off their butts and standing up to make a difference we wouldn’t have near the problems today.
You want to fix the “oppression” issue? You can start with being the leader of your home, be a father to your son, be a husband to your wife. Show your daughter what a real man looks like and acts like. Kids don’t want your money they want your TIME! Once you get that part figured out, get to the schools and find some boys who need some leadership in their life and MENTOR them! Show them how to break the mold that’s been passed down to them.. Show them what a real man looks like and acts like.. Once you get that figured out, get into the community and find ways to make a difference. Volunteer to coach a youth team, or volunteer at a community center, a shelter, a boys home.. Show them what a real man looks like and acts like.. You really want to make a difference, get down to the troubled neighborhoods and start speaking hope and painting vision and recruiting other leaders in the neighborhood to help. My guess is even the cops that are so against you will be the first in line to help.. But I get it, all of that would require you to STAND UP and actually do something about the problem..
This whole situation has highlighted how SOFT we as the people have become. We have no standard, God is non-existent, we don’t respect authority and now we don’t even stand up for our country’s flag! We are in a critical time where our kids are watching, participation ribbons got to go and leaders need to STAND UP and start making a difference.

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