Katie Ledecky Had to Decline a Waffle Maker from Ellen Because of Stupid NCAA Rules (Video)


American Olympic hero Katie Ledecky had to decline a sweet-ass waffle maker from Ellen DeGeneres this week because stupid NCAA rules don’t allow her to accept gifts.

Seriously. Ledecky obliterated the competition in Rio, winning four gold medals and setting a couple more world records. However, now that she is going off to swim (and presumably learn things) at Stanford, she has to be super careful not to do anything that could ruin her collegiate eligibility and nix her scholarship. So when she stopped by Ellen and beat American Ninja Warrior Grant McCartney in a highly competitive game of soccer darts, she could not accept the Oster waffle maker she had rightfully earned.

Take a look:

You gotta love the NCAA. Making tons of money off athlete likenesses through video games and merchandising and not giving any of it to the athletes? Totally fine! Winning a small household appliance on a talkshow? No, no, that ruins the purity of amateur sport.

Of course, Ledecky probably doesn’t need a waffle maker to be the most popular person in her dorm. But it’s still kinda sad, because fresh waffles are awesome.

At least she can say she kicked that American Ninja Warrior guy’s ass in soccer darts.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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