Here’s a Cardboard Cutout of Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh Pleasuring Ohio State Mascot Brutus Buckeye (Pic)


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There are a lot of fantastic rivalries in college football. And whether it’s Alabama-Auburn, Texas-Oklahoma, USC-Notre Dame, or Cal-Stanford, they are all great in their own special way.

Still, for my money, college football rivalries don’t get any better than Michigan-Ohio State.

What makes Michigan-Ohio State so special? Well, history is one factor. The two powerhouse programs have played each other 112 times going back to 1897. Geographic proximity helps too. Michigan and Ohio share a border, and Ann Arbor and Columbus are just three hours away by car.

The biggest factor, though, is the intensity of the hatred. I’m sure Phyllis from Mulga would disagree, but I don’t know any two fanbases that despise their rivals as much as those of Michigan and Ohio State.

You want an example of this hatred? Well, take a look at this:

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If Jim Harbaugh was bothered by that video of him picking his nose and eating a booger, he’s really going to be pissed about this cardboard cutout of him fellating Brutus Buckeye.

Frankly, I can’t wait to hear his official denial.

“I have never eaten a d#%& in my entire life. It might have looked like that was happening. But if you rub your nose and then you bite your fingernail, that’s not eating a d#%&. There was no d#%& eaten.”

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