Cincinnati Pulls Off Perfect Double Reverse Flea Flicker Against Houston (Video)


The Cincinnati Bearcats pulled out all the stops in an effort to upend the sixth-ranked Houston Cougars in Cincinnati on Thursday night. The highlight of that effort? A perfectly executed, totally unexpected double reverse flea flicker.

I say “totally unexpected” because the Bearcats were only trailing by two points at the time. It was late in the third quarter, and they had the ball at the Cougars’ 44 yard-line on a 2nd & 4. They didn’t need a huge play to keep them in the game. They were being aggressive in an attempt to snatch the momentum heading into the final frame.

It worked. The quarterback handed the ball off to the running back, who cut to the right. The running back handed the ball off to one of the two wide receivers, who had cut back to the middle instead of taking off down field. The wide receiver then pitched the ball back to the quarterback, who had all the time he needed to wind up and heave a perfect 47-yard bomb to the other wide receiver. He caught the ball and got his feet down before going out of bounds.

Take a look:

The Bearcats would go on to score a touchdown on the opening play of the fourth quarter to take a 16-12 lead.

Unfortunately, rather than snatch the momentum, Cincinnati’s aggressive play-calling only served to wake their opponents the f&#% up. The Cougars went on to thrash to Bearcats the rest of the way, scoring four unanswered touchdowns en route to a convincing 40-16 victory.

Cool double reverse flea flicker, though.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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