Actor James Woods on Anthem Protests: “I Will Never Watch the NFL Again” (Video)


Over the last few weeks we have heard a lot of different opinions from a lot of different people about Colin Kaepernick and the wave of national anthem protests he started. But I know what you’re thinking. What does actor James Woods think?

Well, as you probably suspected if you’ve ever stumbled upon James Woods’ Twitter feed, he does not like Colin Kaepernick. Not one little bit. In fact, he’s called him worthless, a piece of sh*t, and a dirtbag.

But James Woods isn’t just mad at Colin Kaepernick and the players who choose to kneel, sit, or raise their fists during the national anthem. This week the folks at TMZ caught up with him to ask for his take on the situation, and he unequivocally proclaimed that he will never watch the NFL again.

Take a look:

So guess that settles it. The NFL is finished you guys.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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