LFL Player Steamrolls Defenseless Quarterback Taking Knee in Victory Formation (Video)


Hey, do you want to watch a woman in a skimpy bikini and football pads lay out another woman in a skimpy bikini and football pads? Well you’re in luck, because it just so happens that’s exactly what you are about to see.

The clip comes from a recent LFL game. I don’t know the teams involved in the play because the LFL’s official YouTube Channel didn’t bother to say in either the title of the video or the description. But it really doesn’t matter. The LFL has different teams every year, and they all have names like “Mist,” or “Steam,” or “Fantasy.” All you really need to know is that one team lines up in the victory formation to close out a game with the quarterback taking a knee, and as soon as the ball is snapped a player on the other team runs right over the defenseless quarterback.

Take a look:

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Of course, this is the LFL we’re talking about. They’re like the WWE of football. There’s a very good chance that somebody in the front office specifically called that play. And the player’s trash talk to the refs was fake as hell.

The hit was definitely real, though. So well done there.

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