It Sounds Like the Last Night’s First Ever NFL Game Streamed on Twitter Was a Success


Last night marked the first time that the NFL broadcasted a game (via streaming) with its new online partner, Twitter. By all accounts, the event was technically a success. People are saying that the image was clear, there was little lag, and you could even watch it without getting a Twitter account.

So thumbs up in that department.

However, the NFL and Twitter didn’t know exactly what to DO with their inaugural broadcast, which made it more of a novelty than a real substitute for watching the game on TV, unless you’re a cord cutter.

There was an ability on AppleTV to shrink the game down and read live tweets as they came in, but who in their right mind would want that?

I suppose Twitter’s hoping a lot of people will, but for right now, the broadcasts only seem necessary if you’re left without access to CBS.

Hat Tip – [PFT]

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