Ryan Goins Drew Hair on His Head for Last Night’s Angels-Jays Game (Pics)


Normally, you’d expect this sort of awesome nonsense in August, not when teams are on the cusp of the playoffs. But we’re thankful for it anyway.

Last night, for reasons unknown to all, Ryan Goins decided he wanted some hair, so it looks like he had some drawn on his head. It sounds silly, but it looks even sillier.

Upon closer reflection, it’s not marker (as it appears to be at first glance), but rather tape, as SportsNet’s Faizal Khamisa pointed out:

Is it a good look? Well, I guess you’d have to compare it to his old, hairless one:

Chicago White Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

I think that all bald players should be required to make fake hair out of tape at least once per season, or risk being suspended.

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