Cop Convinces Man Not to Commit Suicide By Talking About The Redskins & Gamecocks


Just an awesome end to a story that could’ve gone horribly.

This just goes to show that sports could bring people together no matter the situation. Recently, Officer Michael Blackmore, a police officer with the Columbia Police Department, had the task of talking two people down from jumping to their deaths. In both situations, he talked about football with both people and it worked.

Last Saturday, Blackmore asked a man sitting on top of a ledge on a bridge who his favorite team was in the NFL and College.  He said the Washington Redskins and South Carolina Gamecocks, then quickly stated how much he hated the Dallas Cowboys.

“They play Dallas. I don’t like Dallas.”


“You’re just having a bad night tonight,” Blackmore told the man. “But tomorrow, when you’re sitting around and you’re watching the Gamecocks—or on Sunday when you’re watching the Redskins play or whatever—you’ll look back [like], ‘Man, what was I thinking Friday night?’ You’re just having a bad night.”


Blackmore and his crew eventually talked him down and he was taken to Palmetto Health Richland hospital, according to the incident report.

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