San Francisco Giants Security Guard Snaps Leg Attempting To Tackle Fan (Video)


On Friday, while the St. Louis Cardinals were taking on the San Francisco Giants, a presumed Giants fan jumped out onto the field and made security chase him down. One security guard suffered a broken leg after he wrestled the man on the field at AT&T Park.

As you can tell by the video, the security guard collapsed onto his own leg while making the tackle, twisting it 90-degrees in the wrong direction.

“Towards the end of the September 16th game between the Giants and Cardinals in San Francisco a guy ran on the field, seeming all too content to be tackled. The unlucky guy that did end up taking down the fan with a flying tackle appeared to have is right leg rolled up on by the streaker, with is foot bending at an unnatural angle. Then a second security guard arrived on the scene with a bad-ass slide that may or may not have been intentional. Afterwards, the first guy’s right foot appears to dangle limply, as he is not able to put any weight on it. Two people, one being the slide-master, end up carrying him off the field. As they exit the field to the bewildered look of the cars on the left field fence, a kid in the bleachers runs over and waggles his foam finger disapprovingly at the group. Sorry for the shakiness of the video. I was lucky to get the camera out in time, and being zoomed in deep without a tripod was a tall order.”

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