Former NFL OL Eben Britton Says He Played Some of His Best Games High on Weed

Jacksonville Jaguars 2011 Headshots

Former Jacksonville Jaguars / Chicago Bears offensive lineman Eben Britton, who last played in 2014, says he often smoked weed while in the NFL, many times before games.  He also stated he played much better while he was high.

“NFL games I played stoned were some of the best games I ever played. Cannabis cements your surroundings,” Britton told the New York Post. “A lot of people say they’re useless when they smoke weed. But hell, I played NFL games [while stoned], dude. My performances were solid and I felt really good after.”

He went on to say about 50-75% of players in the NFL right now smoke weed, which seems way too low. The NFL clearly tests players for Marijuana, but the majority of the time, they’re tested once a year and most know exactly when the test is going to happen. So it’s easy to beat it, unless your name is Josh Gordon.

As a free agent, Britton was suspended by the league for the first four games of the 2015 season.  Although the league didn’t specify what he was suspended for, it’s assumed to be weed related.

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