LSU Tigers Fan Knocks Out Another LSU Fan With One Punch (Video)


On Saturday, the #18 ranked LSU Tigers had to hold on to beat an unranked Mississippi State Bulldogs team at Tiger Stadium by a score of 23-20.

Just before the game began, LSU fans were partying it up at the parade ground, as they always do, until 3 unwanted guests showed up ready to start trouble. And did they ever.

One guy got knocked out with a punch that left him sleeping on the ground.

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“”Two independent witnesses stated that [the suspects] were causing a disturbance, attempting to start fights with a group at the parade grounds,” states the probable cause report. “The witnesses stated that they observed the victim ask [the suspects] to leave the area. The witnesses stated that [the suspects] started fighting with the injured victim along with a second victim, who did not wish to press charges.”

The victim reportedly suffered an ankle injury and fell to the ground. The victim claims that the trio continued to hit him with closed fists while he was on the ground.”


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