Shocking Identity of Guy in Creepy Tom Brady Mask Revealed (Video + Pics)


Remember FakeBrady, the guy in the insanely creepy Tom Brady mask who showed up and tailgated with Patriots fans in Glendale prior to last weekend’s season-opener against the Cardinals? Just kidding. Of course you remember. He’s been giving you nightmares all week.

Well, FakeBrady showed up again this week. This time he tailgated with Tom Brady fans in Foxborough prior to the Pats’ home opener.

However, this time he took the mask off an revealed his true identity.

So who is FakeBrady? See for yourself:

That’s right, folks. Turns out FakeBrady is actually Patriots great Wes Welker. Or at least he was this week.

There’s actually no proof Welker was the guy underneath the mask last week in Arizona. But that might have been him too. It’s not like he has anything better to do on Sundays since repeated brain injuries forced him out of the NFL. Might as well put on a mask with your buddy’s face on it and eat some free burgers with people who idolize him, amiright?

Hat Tip – [For the Win]