A Kickoff From The OPPONENT’S 20-YARD LINE? Find Out How It Happened…(Video)


This is weird. As we know, personal fouls after a scoring play are normally assessed on the kickoff, rather than the extra point. So kickoffs are often moved after some chippiness or excessive celebration. But normally they’re pushed 15 yards in one direction or another with no huge impact on the game.

Well, in this case there were three fifteen-yard penalties assessed against the receiving team, Charlotte, which brought Eastern Michigan to their 20-yard line for the kickoff.

At that point, anything more than an onside kick will result in a touchback, so you’re essentially granted a free onside kick. Alas, Eastern Michigan wasn’t able to convert on it, and Charlotte started deep in their own territory. But that didn’t really matter, since Charlotte still got smoked 37-19.

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