Melvin Gordon’s Mom Finally Wears His Jersey, Saying He’s ‘Earned It’ His Second Year


Last year, San Diego Chargers running back Melvin Gordon’s mom famously taught the world what tough love is, saying she wouldn’t wear her son’s jersey to support him because he hadn’t earned it until he accomplished something in the NFL.

Fortunately for Gordon, his mom feels like that’s no longer the case in his second season. She said she’s always been doing this to motivate her son, but her pride for him after his rookie year was the cause for her change of heart.

Her exact words:

“I’m so proud of Melvin . . . Words can’t even express. It’s hard to get here. So many kids dream to get here and don’t. Melvin is one of them. He’s fortunate, and he doesn’t take anything for granted. He appreciates all the fans. He takes that extra minute to sign autographs.”

She came to the decision after the season opener, in which Melvin rushed for two TDs. And in week 2, he broke 100 yards and got another TD against the Jags.

Sounds like she’ll be in that jersey for a while.


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