Minnesota OL Alex Boone Wants Loud Vikings Fans to ‘STFU’ (Video)

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings opened the brand spanking new U.S. Bank Stadium with a bang on Sunday Night when they defeated the hated division rival Green Bay Packers in an absolute thriller, with QB Sam Bradford leading the way.

Everything was great. The game was great, the stadium was great, and the crowd was awesome.

That crowd may have been a little too awesome, according to Vikings offensive linemen Alex Boone, who didn’t appreciate how loud the fans were when they were on offense.

“It’s hard in the stadium. It’s louder for some reason in the stadium. I mean there’s a lot of times we can’t hear the center. We could barely hear the snap count today a of couple times, could false starts cause guys didn’t know when the snap was going you know. It’s not… I’m not saying it’s the fans fault, but I’m just saying that you know it would be nice if they just shut the f*** up a little bit. How about that? I mean it was great and they were you know when the defense was up it was phenomenal. When the offense is up shut up. Just shut up. I can’t say it any simpler than that. You know what I mean? They’re starting to screw us a little bit.”


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