Nobody Told the Guy Picking up Debris at the Singapore Grand Prix that the Race Had Started Again (GIF)


SINGAPORE – SEPTEMBER 18: Nico Rosberg of Germany driving the Mercedes PU106C Hybrid turbo past a marshal on track during the Formula One Grand Prix of Singapore. (Image via Getty)

A Formula One track marshall almost got killed at the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday when the caution flag was lifted while he was still in the middle of the track.

The marshall was helping to clear debris from a bizarre crash. Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg had clipped another car, spun around, and crashed into the pit wall just five seconds into the race:

After the crash the safety car was deployed while Hulkenberg’s car was removed and debris was cleared from the track. At the start of the third lap, race control checked three times with the clerk of the course to make sure the track was clear of people and debris. After getting the all clear, they lifted the caution flag and removed the safety car, officially restarting the race. However, there was still one marshall on the track when the race was restarted.

He had to run for his life when he saw the cars coming around the bend at full speed.

Take a look:

A spokesman for the International Automobile Federation, Formula One’s governing body, told that procedures were not “properly executed” by the clerk of the course and his team of track marshalls. They’re now going to launch an investigation, and you would have to think somebody is going to lose his job.

This is the second year in a row the Singapore Grand Prix was marred by someone on the track. Last year a spectator walked through an unattended gate and took a casual stroll along the track as cars zoomed by.

Clearly the folks running this race need to get their act together.

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