British Triathlete Alistair Brownlee Gives Up 1st Place to Help His Brother Cross the Finish Line (Video)


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British triathlete Alistair Brownlee put on a moving display of sportsmanship and brotherly love at the World Triathlon Series final in Mexico on Sunday, sacrificing a win to help his brother Jonathan cross the finish line.

Jonathan Brownlee had a commanding lead on the rest of the field heading into the final stretch when his legs started turning to jelly. However, just as he was about to collapse, his big brother Alistair came along. And instead of passing him and taking first place for himself, Alistair put Jonathan’s arm around his neck and refused the let him quit.

The Bronwlee brothers were overtaken by South Africa’s Henri Schoeman down the final stretch, but they finished the race together, with Alistair pushing his little bro across the line before him in second place.

Take a look:

That was not the first time the Brownlee brothers finished next to each other in a major competition. Alistair won Olympic gold in London and Rio, while Jonathan took bronze and silver.

It must be great to know somebody’s always got your back.

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