Cleveland Browns Reportedly Fired A Bunch Of Scouts Because They Wanted Wentz

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles

After dropping to 0-2 on the season and watching rookie QB Carson Wentz go 2-0 with the Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns fans are probably feeling a little salty at the fact that Wentz should’ve been their QB.

RGIII is possibly down for the entire year and back-up QB Josh McCown just recently got hurt as well. And according to CBS Sports, if the Browns had listened to a bunch of their own scouts, they wouldn’t be in this situation.

“According to numerous sources with knowledge of the situation, several of the more seasoned scouts and evaluators the Browns parted with prior to the draft — an unusual time to release such employees — actually preferred Wentz to quarterback Jared Goff and believed him to be the greater pro prospect. It was clear to many in the organization dating back to December, when the Browns held intense draft meetings, that the newly-empowered analytics department, soon to be spearheaded by DePodesta, strongly preferred Goff. And new coach Hue Jackson and his offensive coordinator, Pep Hamilton, were not high on Wentz but prized Goff, sources said, and made that clear to the rest of the organization.

The Browns opted to release six members of the organization — many of them experienced, old-school scouts — just three weeks before the draft. At the time, they were bailing on the quarterback market in the draft (and Wentz in particular) and shopping their second-overall pick to other teams.”

Just another year of the Browns being the Browns. A drunk Johnny Manziel doesn’t sound so bad right now.

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