We’ve Got Our First ‘Injury While Celebrating’ in the NFL This Season! (Video)


Falcons Desmond Trufant got his name out there in more ways than one on Sunday during a game against the Oakland Raiders. First, he made a great play to get between Derek Carr and receiver Amari Cooper, breaking up a big pass.

That’s good.

Then, while pumped about his big play, he took a celebratory hop (as we all do in our daily lives), only to go tumbling down to the ground in pain. “World class athlete” my ass!

Here’s the dumb play:

The Falcons don’t have talent to spare this year, especially on the defensive side of things, so this is bad news for the Atlanta faithful. However, Desmond Trufant did find his way back to the playing field following the play.  But I think we’d all be more comfortable if maybe next time he celebrated with a smile and a handshake.  Or maybe a nice quiet prayer.

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