Mattress Store Owner is Using a Kaepernick Jersey as a Doormat (Pics)


Just when you thought the outrage about San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and his protesting of the National Anthem was dying down, think again.

While most players have joined in the protest by kneeling, others have simply put a fist in the air to show support for Kaepernick.

One Mattress store owner named Dave Gerwing is not a fan of Kaepernick disrespecting the National Anthem, so he went out and bought his jersey and put it on the ground for his customers to wipe their feet on.

“People have made the ultimate sacrifice. They have died for our freedoms,” he says. “Sitting down on your butt is nothing more than a disservice and disrespect to the people fighting for our rights.”

He’s talking about Kaepernick, an African-American player who has chosen not to stand during the “Star Spangled Banner” in protest to racial injustice.

Does he have the right to protest? Absolutely,” Gerwing says. “The same way I have the right to put his jersey on the floor.”


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