Dodgers Troll Giants with #DONTLOOKATME T-Shirts, Yasiel Puig Autographs One for Madison Bumgarner (Pics)


On Monday, benches cleared during an NL West showdown between the Dodgers and Giants. However, the kerfuffle wasn’t precipitated by a scornful bat flip or a retaliatory beaning. It was precipitated by a harmless groundout.

In the bottom of the 7th, with the Giants clinging to a 1-0 lead, Madison Bumgarner induced an inning-ending groundout from Yasiel Puig. Afterward, for some reason, Bumgarner started shouting at Puig, telling him “don’t look at me.” Soon both teams were out on the field, ready to tear each other apart.

Take a look:

How did the Dodgers respond to the unnecessary aggression from Bumgarner? Well, the first thing they did was win the game, plating two runs in the bottom of the ninth for a thrilling walkoff. But that wasn’t their only response.

On Tuesday, the Dodgers trolled Bumgarner and the Giants with a bunch of #DONTLOOKATME t-shirts.

Then Yasiel Puig signed one of the #DONTLOOKATME t-shirts and sent it to Bumgarner via the Giants’ clubhouse attendant.

The tongue-in-cheek gift was actually Charlie Culberson‘s idea. The Dodgers infielder is good friends with Bumgarner and Brandon Belt, having come up with them in the Giants’ system. He thought having Puig autograph a shirt and sending it to the Giants clubhouse would diffuse any lingering hostilities. And he was right. Belt apparently told him the Giants thought it was pretty hilarious.

As for Bumgarner, while he wasn’t exactly laughing about it before Tuesday’s game, he did concede that it was a pretty good gag.

“If it were turned around,” Bumgarner explained, “I’m sure we’d do the same.”

You gotta love the Giants-Dodgers rivalry.

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