Michael Rapaport Busts Out Profane Danny Aiello Impression to Scream at Jay Cutler (Video)


Michael Rapaport’s a pretty noted New York sports fan, but he’s shown that he’s got a sense of humor on a couple occasions after screaming at players on TV in his very best Danny Aiello-in-a-Spike-Lee-movie voice.

He first busted it out over a year ago when the Knicks drafted Kristaps Porzingis, and now he’s doing it for no reason at all to Jay Cutler of the Bears, which is somehow even funnier.

Here’s the awesome clip:

Yes Jay Cutler you’re getting Aielloed on MNF

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The best part is, I don’t know what Cutler did to “upset” him. Was it his performance? Is Rapaport even a Bears fan? I’ve got so many questions, none of which I really want to be answered. Let’s just enjoy this profane tirade.

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