J.J. Watt Terrorizes Poor Guy In New Gatorade Commercial (Video)


Not too many commercials could make me actually laugh out loud, because they’re so cheesy, but I genuinely did with this one.

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is not a fan of people drinking Gatorade who aren’t sweating, which is clearly the theme of the Gatorade ads that he does regularly.

First guy Watt tackles is a stunt guy to put fear in an unsuspecting and unfortunate fellow who ran for his life when Watt chased him.

“JJ Watt and his crew hit the streets to teach a random Gatorade drinker that the sugar in Gatorade isn’t just for taste. It provides quick, accessible energy for athletes. Unfortunately, this guy had to learn that the hard way. #BurnItToEarnIt

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