Skip Bayless: ‘I Was The Most Underpaid On-Air Talent at ESPN’ (Audio)


In June, the world’s highest paid troll Skip Bayless made his exit from ESPN and the popular ‘First Take’ show after 12 years to pursue his career at FOX Sports 1 with another former ESPN employee, Shannon Sharpe, and their new show ‘The Undisputed’.

Bayless has spoken out about his time at ESPN regularly, stating he felt held back while under the Worldwide Leader in Sports.  And on Thursday, he stated he was also underpaid for what his talent brought to the table.

Bayless joined the Recode Media with Peter Kafka podcast to discuss that move from ESPN to Fox:

Bayless: “We were, I think, the biggest success story at ESPN given our format.”

Kafka: “You become a star. You make a ton of money there. You’re at ESPN, which even though it’s challenged now, is by far the dominant sports network.”

Bayless: “Quick point of order, I did not make a ton of money at ESPN, but go ahead.”

Kafka: “I bet you were not poorly paid.”

Bayless: “By what I was giving them, I was poorly paid. I was the most underpaid on-air talent at ESPN for 12 years — that’s my opinion. Not in the end, they came around, but that went on for a long time.”

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