Brewers Recruit Minor Leaguer for Their Social Media Team, And His Response is EPIC (Video)


Tim Dillard spent the 2016 season pitching for the Brewers AAA affiliate, so when he got a call from the club, he was likely hoping that it was for something, you know, baseball-related.

Well, it sort of was. He was asked to join their social media team in their front office. While it might not be the promotion he was seeking, he was quick to show his new employers why they’d made a good choice…by re-enacting the scene from Tommy Boy in which Chris Farley gets hired.

Here it is, on social media, of course:

He got the dubbing right, too, which is pretty impressive.

This guy seems like he’d be a lot to take in a corporate environment, doesn’t he? Let’s hope that he gets to travel and spend some time outside of the office before he drives everyone crazy with Dumb and Dumber quotes.

Hat Tip – [TheScore]

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