Footage of Austin Seferian-Jenkins’ DUI Arrest Released: ‘I Gotta Take a Huge Sh*t’ (Video)


Former Tampa Bay Bucs tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins was so close to being let off with a warning by cops until he started talking.  It all went downhill from there and he was arrested for DUI.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers later cut tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins following his driving under the influence arrest—the second DUI arrest for ASJ.


On Friday, TMZ obtained footage of the arrest and it shows how close Seferian-Jenkins came to going home scot free and still having a job with the Bucs, but his mouth failed him.

While in the backseat, something else was about to fail him, as in his bowl movement, as he explained to the arresting officers that he needed to take a huge shit.

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