Tim Tebow Hit His First Home Run With the Mets…During Batting Practice (Video)

Tim Tebow Media Availability

Now, we all knew that when Tim Tebow decided to dip his toe into the world of professional baseball, he would get coverage for the smallest of achievements—because he’s Tim Tebow, and that’s how things have always been for him.

Well, in keeping with that tradition, we’d like to present Tim Tebow’s first home run with the Mets.

Only…it didn’t come while he was playing for the Mets. Or anyone, really.

It came during instructional league batting practice in Florida. So I’m not really even confident he’s on ANY team at the moment. But he DID hit a home run, which, even in instructional league batting practice, I’m sure is better than not hitting a home run.

Here’s the pseudo-highlight:

The stakes were low enough that we couldn’t even get a look at his face from where the camera was.  But if the MLB says that the guy who hit the homer that hit the shed was Tim Tebow, we’re not really inclined to argue.

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