Tom Brady HILARIOUSLY Trolls Texans on Facebook (PIC)


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Tom Brady loves Facebook. He’s a lot like your mom that way. And recently he has been spending a lot of time on Facebook while serving his four-game Deflategate suspension.

What has he been doing on there? Mostly trolling the teams the Patriots beat without the GOAT in the lineup. Which, so far, is all of them.

After the Pats’ Week 1 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, Brady posted a fake front page from the “TB Times” showing a couple of Pats firing angry birds into University of Phoenix Stadium. Then, after the Pats’ Week 2 victory over the Dolphins, it was a fake front page featuring a couple of Pats releasing a dolphin back into the wild…which was actually pretty funny.

So after the Pats’ Week 3 annihilation of the Texans?


That’s clearly not his best work. And by “his” I mean whoever Brady’s publicist hired to make these cute posts. It’s not bad, though. I especially like the fact that the Patriots are wearing the color rush uniforms. That’s some nice attention to detail.

But how do you suppose Tom Brady knows Edelman likes to tickle people with feathers?

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