Ex-Saints WR Joe Horn: Roger Goodell is ‘the Vladimir F*cking Putin of The NFL.’

Giants v Saints

Former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Horn, who famously celebrated a touchdown by planting a phone inside of a goal post and pretending to take a call, had some harsh words for the Roger Goodell. Horn was fined $30,000 by the league for his cell phone celebration.

Speaking with Jonathan Jones of SI.com recently, Joe Horn had a bunch to say about Roger Goodell, comparing him to a certain Russian leader in reference to the penalty flags, ridiculous fines, and his level of control around the league.

“Roger Goodell is like the Vladimir f—ing Putin of the NFL,” Horn said. “You quote me on that s–t. Roger Goodell is the Vladimir Putin of the NFL when it comes to players. Putin punks every country when he gets ready to. And there’s no rules when it comes to Putin, and Goodell is the same f—ing way when it comes to players. He sets all the standards.”

“If they read that quote, they would know that he’s not having people killed and none of the players killed,” he added. “But as far as dictatorship, as far as making moves to do what he wants, that’s what Putin does.”

The control Roger Goodell has is a huge issue to many players around the league and there’s nothing they can do about it…for now.

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