Rockets Players Say Dwight Howard Would Whine to The GM About Post Touches

Philadelphia 76ers v Houston Rockets

Another team and yet another fallout as Dwight Howard made his exit from the Houston Rockets this past offseason to sign with the Atlanta Hawks.

After making it all the way to the Western Conference Finals in 2015, things were looking up for the Rockets last season…until they started playing.  Things went downhill from there as they ended up firing head coach Kevin McHale 11 games into the season.

Enter an interim coach and things really didn’t get any better as it had less to do about the coach and more to do with the players on the floor secretly beefing with each other.

Dwight Howard was getting less and less touches in the post and instead of demanding the ball on the floor or telling teammates in the locker room or during players only meetings, he instead went straight to GM Daryl Morey according to several Rockets players.

During the 2016 media day session, Harden and other Rockets players made it clear that silence will not be acceptable this year.

Harden said he will be more vocal this season and demand that his teammates do the same. One issue several Rockets had with Howard was that he kept quiet. He wanted the ball more, but instead of going to his teammates he went to Morey.

Howard should have approached Harden. He didn’t and tried to play through it instead.

This season, Harden said nobody will accept silence.

“We can’t read minds,” he said.”

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