Virginia Beach Restaurant Tapes Colin Kaepernick Jersey to Floor (Video)


A post on Facebook went viral on Saturday after it showed San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s jersey taped to the floor of a Virginia Beach restaurant.

Virginia Beach resident James Perry stated he walked into Krossroads Rock and Country Bar in the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center on Thursday and noticed the jersey on the floor as he walked in.  He immediately got upset about it.

“What went through my mind was like ‘Wow, is this real or is it a joke?’ How would you feel if someone taped a police officer’s uniform down?” Perry asked.

It took a few days, but he finally posted about it on Saturday.  It has since went viral, being shared more than 5,600 times in 48 hours.

News 3 got in contact with the owner of the restaurant and he had this to say:

“He told us taping the jersey down was about sportsmanship and Kaepernick’s disrespect of the flag – not race.”

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