Adrian Peterson Was Doped Up and Singing as He Awoke from Knee Surgery (Video)


I don’t know how I would feel waking up from surgery with a camera in front of my face, even if my own mom was holding it.  But Adrian Peterson seemed to be pretty chill with the idea after he came to.

Peterson went under the knife to have a torn meniscus fixed, and when he awoke, he was high enough off the painkillers and anesthetic that he was able to belt out a nice little ditty for his immediate audience…which then became a bigger audience as he posted video of the event to his Instagram account.

Take a look right here:

No, this is me doped up! I didn’t remember this video, my mother said to me “you were singing after surgery” the look on my face! But clearly my wife recorded me after waking up from anesthesia! Not cool but nevertheless hilarious! To God be the glory !!!

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Man, he’s really peering into our souls in that still, isn’t he? Maybe those painkillers give him mind-reading abilities or something.

In case you’re wondering what song he’s mangling, it’s Kirk Franklin’s “The Storm Is Over Now,” which seems like a sweet choice to sing when you’re just coming out of surgery, doesn’t it?

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