Before Playoffs Begin, Chicago Cubs Fan Gets 2016 World Series Winning Tattoo (PIC)

Chicago Cubs Host A Rally To Celebrate Their Playoff Berth

Fans gotta stop doing this. Seriously!

Just a few days ago, the Chicago Cubs reached 100 wins for the first time since 1935.  They’re steam rolling right into the playoffs and the fan base couldn’t be happier.

While most fans are trying to stick to the status quo and not jinx the team in any way, since the squad hasn’t won a world series title since 1908, others take it a little too far while trying to cement their fandom for the team.

This particular Chicago Cubs fan is so confident the Cubs will win it all, he went out and got a 2016 World Series winning tattoo on his lower leg:



I think everyone in Chicago just fainted.

Hat Tip -Jarod Matsen


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