Fans Outside Fenway Were CONVINCED This Dude Was David Ortiz (Video)


You would think that Boston Red Sox fans at Fenway Park would know the difference between David Ortiz and some guy who just looks a little (75%?) like David Ortiz. But, never underestimate the ability of fans to delude themselves into thinking they’re in the presence of greatness.

This guy was routinely stopped on the grounds for pictures, despite the fact that David Ortiz probably doesn’t spend his time roaming Fenway Park in a “Forgive” t-shirt.

Lmfao!!!!!! Omg why are people coming up to @__melvin0rtiz at fenway paaaaaaaaaaaarrrkkk like he’s big Papi can’t be life

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The lookalike is apparently on Instagram under the name Melvin Ortiz, so this might not be the first time he’s pulled this stunt off. But his account is private, so we’ll have to keep imagining him running around, grifting and fooling people at Fenway.

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